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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Tiny Tails Retreat!


Euphie is the Hooman Resource Manager here at Tiny Tails Retreat. Her specialty is in ensuring that all staff treat her equally and spends as much time rubbing her belly and giving her scritches as possible. She loves to eat leaves, take naps belly up and demanding treats.


Haku doesn't really work at Tiny Tails Retreat. He's just here to hang out with his sister. His favorite things in life are his squeaky burger, his squeaky tennis ball and other squeaky toys. If you see him at the salon, feel free to toss him his ball!


I have spent my entire life around dogs and always dreamed about working with animals. My difficult-to-achieve life goal is to run a dog sanctuary for the dogs that are in-between homes. I am a huge nerd and love to play board games and video games in my spare time. My favorite dogs to groom are ones that are not my own.


I am an avid lover of dogs and passionate about all things relating to their welfare. My interest in grooming began when I adopted my beautiful groodle, Rosie. She came to me as a foster dog who had lived outside her whole life,. I found it very hard to find a groomer who would be patient and gentle. She finally got shaved down at the vets and was quite a sorry sight. I made up my mind then, that I would equip myself to help her and others and do so with kindness and compassion. I am also an aspiring canine nutritionist and am pursuing my certification in the field.


As a coffee lover and a proud parent to four wonderful pups, I find my balance between the demands of postgraduate studies at RMIT and the joyful, simpler moments at home. Regular facetime calls with the pups fuel my days with warmth and motivation, blending my passions seamlessly into my academic journey. And I also dislike celery.


I began my pet grooming journey when I was 17 and here I am now at 21 having the coolest job in the world! I am certified in pet first aid and cpr, so your puppers will be in the best hands at TTR. My hobbies are playing guitar, drawing, and playing video games on my PC as well as spending quality time with my lab. My specialty style in grooming is teddy bear trims and Asian fusion. I’m very much a creative groomer!


I am new to grooming, completing the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services in 2023. I absolutely loved watching the dogs and owners start to develop their relationships and work together. It's a beautiful moment when you see them "click" and they end up working together. When I'm not working, I'm usually at home with my partner and very old pup Harry (14years, terrier/x), swimming or volunteering with the CFA.


My love for animals led me to obtain a Diploma in Advanced Animal Science and successful careers caring for animals ranging from domestic to exotic. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, reading fantasy books and making costumes for cosplay. With a passion for both people and pets, you can rest assured that you and the furriest members of your family will be well taken care of at Tiny Tails Retreat.

Tiny Tails Retreat provides a luxury spa experience for your pup and a small, carefully curated selection of dog toys and treats.


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